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That means you, you, and even you. Don’t you think it’s about time we stop thinking about fitness as high intensity performance, and we start thinking about fitness as movement that makes us feel good in our bodies and our minds? We believe you should spend more time on your inner strength. We do, and that’s why we love Pilates and Yoga. Bending, sweating, stretching, lifting. It doesn’t matter — the precision of Pilates and the practice of yoga connect us as a community to something more magical then simply striving for an aesthetic.

CorePlus doesn’t believe you need to see stars in order to see results. We’ve got a balanced approach to being active that wholeheartedly encourages you to live life while you better it. We preach moderation, ease and delight and never a pressure to perform. We’re on a mission to give every single body the chance to move at their own pace, within their own bounds. While not being afraid to explore what’s out of bounds, too. Just in case.

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Our Core Values

Entrepreneurial Spirit

We’re just warming up –
We’re modern entrepreneurs, and pioneers in the fitness space. But we didn’t get here by copying a formula, or by pretending to know it all. We got here precisely how we were meant to: with innovation, purpose, resilience, adaptability. With a thirst to learn and succeed. And with a persistent fire in our belly. Did we just describe you, too? If you’re an entrepreneur at heart with a passion for fitness that can never be extinguished, you might just be the perfect partner for us. 


Core values that run in the family –
Our core values run in the family; we share them with our studio partners and instructors, and pass them down to our members. We’re not simply a group of people under the same roof. We have an unbreakable sense of community; a powerful connection that’s felt the moment our members walk in the door. You can always tell a studio partner by what they value most: diversity, helping others and sharing their success with the people around them. 


A modern mindset for every body –
Mind and body, body and mind. We care for both equally, and our studio partners do, too. We’re all about getting strong on the outside — but getting even stronger on the inside. Why? So we can improve our overall health and build the resilience we need to face anything in business or life. We’re letting go of the unrealistic expectations to give 100%, 100% of the time. We call this balance, and we have more of it than a Warrior III. We’d love to team up with more of these modern mindsets.

Authentic & Humble

Our quiet actions speak louder than deafening orders –
We aim to be authentic in everything we do, from what we say to how we move. We’re not a bunch of drill sergeants, rather a bunch of people with a deep passion for Pilates and yoga, and determination to create the ultimate life. Now, we’re looking to partner with other passionate people who want the same. But just like a lifestyle overhaul, this is no quick fix. As an entrepreneur, you’ll be working hard. The difference? You’ll be changing your life — and the lives of others — in the process.

Meet our Founders

Amy King

Amy’s passion for Pilates and yoga isn’t going anywhere. In 2007, she went from student to teacher, instructing Hot Yoga and instantly turning her passion into a career. Later, she explored mat Pilates, studying and training across 2014 and 2015. And it’s here the idea for CorePlus was born.

Amy knew the combination of Pilates, yoga, and reformer was unique, and something special to share with the world. She developed the signature CorePlus Hot Pilates class; an upbeat group fitness class combining Pilates exercises, resistance training and functional movement.

Armed with 10+ years of industry experience, she’s focusing on the CorePlus instructor training programme, and helping other passionate entrepreneurs follow her lead to create a successful business and life.

Mike King

Passion and business. Individually, they’re great. Together? They’re unstoppable. Enter: Mike. Mike is a talented leader with senior level experience in commercial and strategic management. He’s spanned multiple industries in his career, including sport, entertainment, automotive, consumer goods and — best of all — fitness. He’s now taking the skills and experience he’s attained while working for some of the most reputable global brands, and applying these to the CorePlus model.

Like Amy, Mike wants to help people achieve their goals, whether that’s a healthier lifestyle or their own life-changing business. Sometimes, it’s both. As the managing director of CorePlus, he does just this by running operations, working closely with new and current studio partners, and leading the expansion of CorePlus in Australia and beyond.